بسته بندی

Completing All the Steps of Packaging

Food products packaging is one of the expertise of the Keyhan Matin Gharn Company. This is done under a professional brand of set- in. The specialized food packaging is such as honey, sugar, rice and … including its activities for export and domestic food distribution.

Setin; professional brand of food products packaging

All the stages of packing of goods will be carried out in a completely professional and technical manner by the experts of the Keyhan Matin Gharn Company.

Professional Consultation of Goods Packaging

Regarding the existence of many customs decrees, you will always need a professional adviser and an expert on customs rules and regulations in order to release goods. Keyhan Matin Gharn Company as an active collection and a history of release can be a good adviser to you.

You can contact us through the numbers +982146132003 and +982146130072. You can also complete the following form in order to know the requirements and the cost of import.